Boatshare North Shore: Right For You?

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Boat Rental Service

The question used to be, “should you get a boat?” Now, however, the question is, “should you consider sharing ownership of a vessel?” A boatshare in North Shore is an alternative to full-on ownership. You still own the ship, but it is shared between eight people. Of course, full ownership gives you that sense of pride, but you have to deal with the high cost of buying it. Many times, people can’t afford the entire amount. You also have to deal with depreciation of the investment, which means you sell it for much less than you bought it.

A boatshare in North Shore works differently. You and seven others put money toward the boat of your dreams. You share all the costs, such as maintenance and repairs, and the management company charges a reasonable monthly fee to handle everything for you, including bookkeeping. The plans can range from three to five years, but when the agreement is up, you sell the boat based on its current market value and you recoup that money. If you desire (and you will), you can put that money toward a new syndication so that you can continue the boating lifestyle you’ve come to love.

Luxury Boat Syndicates is a professional management company. It pairs with boat sellers to give you access to luxury vessels up to 60ft. long. The boats are carefully chosen to meet and exceed all of your needs so that you can explore the harbour and beyond. This team of professionals has a lot of knowledge about boating, as well as experience with managing ownership for a group of people. Therefore, you are sure to be happy with each experience and can bring along your friends, family members, or potential clients. Everyone’s going to want to get in on the action, and you may become very popular when people learn that you own a boat and saved money.

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