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by | Jan 19, 2016 | Computer Services

So here we are – the year 2016 is upon us and this means that people who advertise and market in the digital world need to be staying up-to-date with social media optimisation. SEO strategies change every single year and trends are noticeable every couple of months. Having indispensable tools at your disposal could mean the difference between succeeding in the digital age and failing. Hiring help is always useful because by outsourcing, you can reduce stress on your behalf and focus on the results. Last year, it was all about content marketing and using social media sites to reel in the traffic. Although these methods are still very much in use today, they are being replaced (and even merged) with the following digital techniques.

Focusing on the World Clock

The times at which you submit content will make a difference to the number of people actually clicking on links and viewing what you are sharing with social media optimisation methods. Preferred cities can be chosen with the Mac World Clock application, which can be installed directly onto your device. By making use of this tool, you can target your focused audience at a time when they are more likely to be interested in what you are sharing.

Using the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension

Do you know just how useful the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension can be for monitoring the number of shares your posts receive? Understanding what people are sharing and what people aren’t sharing will make it possible for you to grow on your existing techniques and tweak them, if necessary. The plugin reveals a great amount of data that includes shares, comments, likes, pins, interactions, and more. Backlinks can be viewed with this social media optimisation tool, and you can even analyse your website as a whole.

Updating Your Facebook Security Settings

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t use Facebook to communicate with their customer base these days? Social media optimisation with Facebook comes in many forms, from creating fan and group pages to promoting services and products with promotions and contests. If you are seeing a lack in the number of people visiting your website, consider changing the security settings. Be sure to turn on login alerts and make use of the code generator if you want to properly access your Facebook page on a smartphone device. It also helps to add a higher level of security with the login approval feature.

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