Pin Hole Surgery: The Many Benefits

The Chao Pin Hole Surgery technique has gained popularity among patients with periodontal or gum disease. It helps the periodontist achieve better, more beautiful results, and patients can experience a smile transformation, all without the pain of traditional grafting surgery.

If you have receding gums or have periodontal disease, the PST option may be beneficial to you. For one, it is minimally invasive. Traditional surgical procedures require the removal of tissue from a donor site, usually elsewhere in the mouth. It means more of the mouth is exposed to bacteria and trauma from the procedure.

With pin hole surgery, there is no grafting involved, which means you don’t have to worry about incisions throughout the mouth or sutures to hold the skin in place while it heals. Another benefit is that there is almost no pain. In fact, most patients say they feel nothing during the procedure. Of course, there can be some discomfort afterward, but the healing process is streamlined, which means you have less downtime and can get back to normal activities, such as eating the foods you love, talking, and more. The treatment itself is also faster, and many patients get in and out within 90 minutes for a full mouth treatment.

At National Periodontics, they offer a variety of services for gingivitis or periodontitis. If a cleaning and preventative measures aren’t enough, you can choose between laser and pin hole surgery. PST requires making a small hole into the gum tissue to loosen it and guide it over the recessed part of the tooth. While the goal is to protect the teeth and prevent bacteria and other issues, the cosmetic improvements are also noteworthy. It’s likely that you’ll be amazed at the transformation and want to smile and laugh more frequently.

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