Floor Bunding: What It Is

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

Floor bunding is a semi-permanent obstacle that is laid on the ground to provide a containment area that is ideal to isolate leaked chemicals and oils. You should store oils and chemicals properly, but even if they are separate and contained, they can still leak or spill. Accidents are possible, and it’s best to be safe. While you should have a spill kit close by to soak up the mess and dispose of it correctly, you can provide another safety barrier. If spillage happens, it can’t go past the bunding, which means you don’t have a large mess to clean up and may be able to salvage some of the spilled or leaked material.

Floor bunding should be made of Urethane, which is heavy duty and UV-stable. That way, it can withstand heavy traffic on the workshop floor. You can drive over it with a heavy truck or forklift without fear. It’s a flexible substance, which means it doesn’t split, chip, lift, or crack with time. Of course, you can also find more rigid bunding options if that is desired. The goal is to find something that is suitable for your needs that keeps spilled liquids contained in one area.

EcoSpill has a variety of products designed to reduce spillage, clean it up, and protect the environment and workers. Floor bunding is just one of the many options available. The brand is called DuraBund, which is flexible and rigid to meet your needs. The flexibility allows you to drive on it while the product also has a resistance to chemicals. You also get pre-formed anchor points so that you can use dynabolts. You can also find right-angle pieces so that you can contain a rectangular or square area without fear. If you’re not sure what you need, an installation kit has it all and makes it easier to install.

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