Advantages Of Spill Containment Kits

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

Spill containment kits do just what they claim. They contain the spills you have on site and have everything included to do the job properly. They are essential for a variety of workplaces in Australia, especially those that store oil, fuel, chemicals or non-aggressive liquids.

They ensure that you are compliant with EPA rules and that you and your company do its due diligence to protect the environment and employees. When you have them available, you are prepared for any spillage or leaks that can occur. You’ll have the right equipment, which minimises the damage to your property, environment, and staff.

Spill containment kits can help cut down on lost time when people can’t be productive because they can’t work. It can also reduce the amount of sick time that people take. While such a kit can be life-saving, it is also required by law in most areas of Australia. Without such items available and ready to go, you could be fined heavily for not having them. If a spillage occurs, you may also be responsible for clean-up costs and any damage that happens to other properties. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider such a kit and the right training to know how to use it.

At EcoSpill, they have a kit available for any purpose you require and any liquid on your site. For example, their general purpose options can clean up almost anything, such as fuel, oil, coolants, and agricultural chemicals. However, if you regularly use oil and fuel, you may want a kit designed for that particular purpose, which also works with diesel. They also offer spill containment kits for chemical spills. Along with everything else, they also have a specialty kit for mercury spills and body fluid/lab spills, ensuring that you are covered no matter which environment you work in.

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