Plantation Shutters: The Wonder of Wooden Windows

Windows are one of the main focal points of any home. Homeowners invest significant effort into décor, artwork and furniture; however, an attractive set of window shutters can truly make an effective and timeless style statement. Plantation shutters have a long-lasting tradition, but are increasingly popular due to their evolving design and choices of material. When it comes to window blinds and shutters, it is vital to find something that offers both attractive design and durability. Plantation shutters are thicker and sturdier than plastic venetian blinds, so they aren’t going to rip, tear or break. Instead, they are made of wood and made to last.

Plantation shutters create a classic look with a modern twist that will also complement any modern and elegant setting, inside the home but also from an outside perspective. Their attractiveness can significantly increase the appeal of any property and on a functional note, these window blinds can also be adjusted to let in or block out light, increasing comfort and energy efficiency.

SP Screens offers many shutter systems, with plantation shutters being one of the most popular choices. Homeowners can choose between fauxwood and timber plantation blinds that are manufactured in a variety of colours. Fauxwood is a popular choice for homeowners in harsh or termite-prone climates, while timber shutters are most often chosen for their reputation as a sturdy, maintainable and timeless material. A SP Screens staff member can guide you through selecting the perfect plantation shutters for your windows and offer advice about the best material, colour and design.

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