The Advantages Of RSA In Melbourne

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Education & Research

The Responsible Serving of Alcohol in Melbourne is necessary for any venue where alcohol is served, and taking the course is your entry in to the world of serving.

The RSA helps you learn more about the products you sell or serve, improving your job skills and allowing everyone to benefit from a pleasant and safe work environment. You can learn how to deal with rowdy customers, when to stop serving someone, and much more. Therefore, you may have less harassment, violence, and abusive customers in your establishment. You may also make more money (or the establishment owners will) because they are avoiding all the problems that put people off from going to the pub.

While alcohol can help people loosen up and enjoy themselves, it can also make them bitter, angry, or depressed if they drink too much. As a server or owner, you have the right and the responsibility to watch how much people are served and take note of their behaviour. Most of these courses only take about four hours, but you’ll learn a lot. You can even take the RSA and the RSF together in Melbourne, saving a little money and learning even more.

At Serve It Up, they offer both of the courses or just the Responsible Service of Alcohol course. It includes information about the law, demerit points, fines, and the facts of alcohol. They can also help you learn how to refuse service to someone, good service practices, and the best ways to promote your alcohol legally. They can also help your staff learn about the license, go through the red line plan, and check your signage to see if it is appropriate and legal. The RSA in Melbourne is an excellent course for those who regularly serve alcohol to patrons.

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