3 Intriguing Things to Know While on Flights to Bali

There are numerous reasons to consider taking a trip to Bali. For some of us, the black sandy beaches and the underwater coral beauty are enough to tempt us. We may also wish to sample some of the fine food available there. However, there are some facts about Bali that are most interesting and may inspire us to book a trip.

Bali is an intriguing place to visit. Here are three facts we can marvel at while on flights to Bali to help pass the time.

It is Home to Active Volcanoes

There are two – Mount Batur, which erupted most recently in 2000 – and Gunung Agung. The latter has not erupted since 1963, although both volcanoes are regarded as being active.

It Has a Wet and a Dry Season

Choosing when to take our flights to Bali may revolve around picking a season to arrive in. While some parts of the world have four seasons, Bali only has half that number. The dry season starts in April and ends in October when the rainy season starts. However, the temperatures are appealing throughout the year.

Over 1,200 Spas Exist in Bali

If we are aiming to relax while on holiday in Bali, it should not be difficult to do so. The islands of Bali are home to some 1,200 spas for us to visit. There are various forms of Balinese massage to choose from, with affordable options ranging to the more expensive ones available throughout Bali.

Flights to Bali take us to an island paradise where many experiences are waiting to be savoured. It is filled with natural sights, luxurious hotels, iconic attractions, and plenty of wildlife – both in and out of the sea. Bali is not to be missed, and with a direct flight taking us there, we can sit back and enjoy the journey.

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