How to Get A Cheap Flight to Hong Kong

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Travel Agency

Saving money on international travel used to be almost impossible, but thanks to some amazing websites it is now possible to book cheap flights to any destination from your home computer or mobile device. This includes cheap flights to Hong Kong, which is an amazing destination for singles, couples or the whole family.

When booking a cheap flight, there are a few tips anyone can utilize to get the best possible prices. While you may assume that a travel agent offers the best prices, comparing prices from travel agencies with online do-it-yourself booking sites makes it clear this is no longer the case.

Be Flexible With Travel Dates

If possible, always consider looking at prices on different days of the week for arrivals and departures. In most cases, it is less expensive and easier to book cheap flights to Hong Kong when flying mid-week for both arrivals and departures. Friday through Sunday are the busiest travel days of the week, with Monday morning also a busy time for business travelers.

By booking mid-week, airlines are more likely to release larger blocks of tickets to discount online sellers. Often flights in the early morning or later at night are also less costly as the peak travel time is later morning through to early afternoon.

Consider Advance Booking and Last Minute Fares

About six to eight weeks from your travel date is the best time to book cheap flights to Hong Kong. Of course, this will vary slightly based on the time of year, with summer travel always higher priced than travel in the autumn through the spring seasons.

The other ideal way to get low cost flights is to book at the last minute. However, there is the risk the flight may sell out early, so flexibility with travel dates is important with last minute flights.

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