Boatshare In Rushcutters Bay: Considerations

If you have always dreamed of having access to a boat but don’t want to deal with the expense, time commitment, and hassles, it might be time to consider a boatshare in Rushcutters Bay. With such, you’ll have access to a better and bigger boat.

You and several others all put money down on a luxury vessel that you all like. When enough interest is raised, you all put down that money and purchase the boat for yourselves. You pay less overall for ownership, which means you could actually afford to buy a larger vessel.

A boatshare in Rushcutters Bay can also help you save money. You pay 1/8th of the cost of the ship, and the maintenance costs are covered in the fees you pay the management company. Therefore, you know exactly what your out-of-pocket costs are going to be. The professional management company you work with is sure to take a lot of the hassles out of ownership. You can spend your time on the water instead of worrying about cleaning the vessel or maintaining it between uses. Plus, you can even have it fuelled up and ready for you; just pay for the fuel you use, which can be billed on your account in most cases.

Luxury Boat Syndicates offers many syndicate programs. Being part of a boatshare in Rushcutters Bay is the easiest and best way to own a vessel and enjoy your time on the water. Instead of worrying about its safety or how often it gets used, you’ll know that it is stored and maintained when not in use. Along with such, you may find that there are fewer repairs and issues because the vessel gets more use. Most traditional owners only use their vessel a month or so out of the year because they don’t have more time; shared ownership ensures that the boat sees more use, which keeps it maintained.

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